This is a new fun way to learn about Acolytes in the Episcopal Church.
We have created this computer based training program for our Episcopal church Acolytes and would like to now share it with the rest of our church family.  It can be used by any Episcopal church to help train Acolytes and provides lots of relevant and important information.  There are lessons, review questions, some fun exercises and a final evaluation quiz to see how much you have learned.  The training uses graphics, photographs,
This Acolytes Training Program is now available online.  It is FREE to completely review and use. 
Click on these Acolytes and you can begin learning today.
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music, and narration to make your learning both entertaining and effective.  There is a glossary of the words and definitions that you can access throughout the training.  You can bookmark your lesson and return to where you left off if you don't finish a lesson at any time.  You can go over the material time and time again and print out your results from the quiz each time you take it.  You can go at your own pace.  It is suitable for all ages that can read, from child to adult.